Meet Jessy

How do we reach our goals, our dreams, our hearts deepest desires without support, mentorship or coaching? It becomes a long and windy road.

Do you have time for that?

I can tell you I spent my 20’s (yes a decade!) traveling and searching and reaching for mine. From the deserts of Argentina, to the beaches of Costa Rica, to the jungles of Thailand, to the mountains of India, to the hills of California.

I learned, I grew, I surrendered, I trusted. What did I find?

I found that the answers lie within us. Quieting our mental chatter, deeply listening, spending time in nature, being a thoughtful person, taking care of our bodies…ALL help us discover our path in life.

Like a butterfly emerges from a chrysalis, transformed, so too can YOU!

Your dreams, the success you wish to be yours, are possible for you. And like the butterfly, it doesn’t just happen overnight. There is a period of going inside, embracing the dark, doing the work to transform. This is a deeply personal journey. And again, like the butterfly you can awaken into a new version of yourself, one you didn’t even know was possible.

I would love to support this transformation in you.

I offer a FREE 30 minute inquiry to see if we are an aligned fit to work together! Let's talk.

Don’t delay; your butterfly dreams are calling you.